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Proven & Safe Technology Will Safeguard Residents & Their Communities

By Disinfecting & Repelling Germs On Surfaces For Up To 90 Days


Jet Linx 

Working To Disinfect And Protect Aircraft And Facilities During COVID-19 Outbreak

Private jet management company Jet Linx has begun applying the BIOPROTECTUs System to disinfect and protect its fleet of 112 jet aircraft...


March 13, 2020

The City School District of New Rochelle just invested in "BioProtect Coating Technology"

This will set us apart nationally. “BIOPROTECT™ is an EPA registered, water-based, antimicrobial technology that provides persistent and continuous




LYND To Disinfect & Protect Apartments With BIOPROTECTUs(TM) System

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in anticipation of the anticipated severe Flu season, LYND, a national apartment management


January 14, 2017

Improved Control of Microbial Exposure Hazards in Hospitals: A 30 Month Field Study 

 The microbial colonization of environmental surfaces in hospitals and other buildings can produce infective, allergenic, and toxigenic risks for occupants 

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