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Fight Viruses with Microbe Defense Antimicrobial Coatings and Cleaners

Save Time and Money

Never Strip Again | Reduce Slip & Fall | Never Burnish Again

MDI Destroys Viruses


Sheet vinyl

Epoxy coating



Hard Tile & Grout

polished concrete


Sealed Wood Flooring



How do MDI Ceramic Coatings and Cleaners Destroy Viruses?

MDI uses SIMIX Ceramic Coatings and Degreaser for antimicrobial applications on floors and other surfaces. They destroy viruses (including coronaviruses) in three ways. First, SIMIX Coatings and Cleaners maintain a permanent, safe, high pH that is hostile to viral and microbial growth. Second, SIMIX Coatings and Cleaners contain Spot-On technology – titanium dioxide that works with UV and indoor lighting to constantly sanitize the surface. Third, SIMIX Cleaners contain hydrogen peroxide, which inactivates viruses including coronaviruses.


SIMIX A/C Ceramic Coating Fights Bacteria and Viruses in the Air 

SIMIX A/C Ceramic Coating is sprayed on
HVAC systems. It creates a permanent, safe, high pH that destroys viruses including coronaviruses and bacteria including legionella (Legionnaires).


Never Strip or Burnish Again

Once you transition to SIMIX Ceramic Floor Coatings, you never strip or burnish again. Stripping is a labor-intensive, toxic activity. Burnishing spreads germs and viruses into the air. Eliminating these two tasks will save you time and money, and protect staff, customers, patients and students.

High Traction Ceramic Coatings

Slippery Floors Lead to Accidents and Cost You Money


What is Dynamic Coefficient of Friction?

The coefficient of friction measures a surface’s frictional resistance to a moving object. “Dynamic Coefficient of Friction” (DCOF) ratings are established by a tribometer. DCOF ratings are split into three ranges between .0 and 1.0. Floors with higher DCOF ratings (above .42) are safer for customers, employees, clients and patients. Floors with lower ratings are more dangerous. 


How Does SIMIX Rate?

All of SIMIX's Ceramic Floor Coatings are rated as high traction by ANSI standard DCOF testing using a tribometer on a wet surface.


Why Does DCOF Matter?

Slip, trip and falls are one of the most expensive aspects of running a business. About 85 percent of workers comp claims come from slip and falls at an annual cost of $70 billion. Falls account for 8 million ER visits every year. Preventing even one slip, trip and fall claim can save your business $20,000 or more.

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